What can I do with an English literature degree?


English literature degrees are often considered a prerequisite for a successful career in writing. While this is partially true, plenty of other options are available to those with an English literature degree. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular careers that can be pursued with an English literature degree. From writing and publishing to teaching and research, you’re sure to find a profession that fits your interests and skills. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the vast world of English literature today!

English literature degrees are in high demand.

If you’re curious about what English literature degrees can lead to, here are nine popular careers:

1. Writer

2. Editor

3. Journalist

4. Teacher

5. Linguist

6. Academician/Professor

7. Novelist

8. Critic/Journalist

9. Translator

There are many career options for English majors.

English majors have many career options, including working as a teacher, journalists, or editors. You can also pursue a career in advertising, corporate communications, or the law. Many English majors go on to study literature further and become writers or professors.

Common English majors include writing, publishing, and journalism.

If you want to focus on writing, publishing, or journalism, consider studying English literature. This is a field that encompasses a variety of literary and journalistic disciplines, allowing you to explore your interests in depth. You can work as a writer, editor, or journalist in the private sector or government. Some well-known English literature majors include:

• Literature of the United Kingdom

• American literature

• Shakespearean and 16th century literature

• Victorian literature

English majors can find jobs in a variety of fields

If you’re interested in finding a career in writing or communications, an English literature degree might be the perfect fit. There are plenty of opportunities for English majors in the private and public sectors.

Some English majors find careers in journalism, advertising, marketing, and editing. Others pursue positions in law, education, or library science. Whatever you choose to do post-graduation, ensure your skillset matches the employers’ needs.

To learn more about what careers are available to English majors, check out Indeed’s list of hiring managers looking for graduates with degrees in English literature. You can also explore job postings on websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to better understand what companies are looking for.

Whatever your career aspirations may be, knowing what writing skills you have is essential. Take some time to develop your writing portfolio while you’re still a student; this will give employers a snapshot of what you can do as a professional writer. And finally—remember that practice makes perfect! Writing often helps us hone our skills to communicate effectively and convincingly. So if you aren’t already working on some writing projects outside of class (or if those projects aren’t going very well), consider trying something new and challenging to get better at it quickly. After all, good composition isn’t rocket science—it’s just good old-fashioned practice that takes dedication and patience (

English majors can also pursue graduate degrees.

English majors can also pursue graduate degrees. Many English literature programs offer doctoral degrees, and many schools also have graduate certificate programs in English literature. Some English literature master’s degree programs will allow students to pursue a doctoral degree if they meet specific requirements. There are several excellent Ph.D. programs in English literature, and many graduate schools also have specialized centers for teaching English literature.

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