What are the five types of literature?


There are many different types of literature, and it can be not easy to know where to start when looking for writing that resonates with you. This blog post will explore the five different types of literature and what they’re good for. From novel writing to personal essays, read on to find out which kind of writing best suits you.

Literature for personal use

Many different types of literature can be used for personal use. Some examples include novels, short stories, poetry, and nonfiction.

NOVELS: A novel is a long written work that usually tells a complete story. They can be fictional or non-fictional. Some classic novels are historical novels, mystery novels, and romance novels.

SHORT STORIES: A short story is a smaller version of a novel. They can be between 500 and 5000 words long. They are often written to be read in one sitting. Short stories are often used to teach a particular lesson or to introduce a new character.

POETRY: Poetry is written in meter and usually consists of couplets or quatrains. It is often formal in structure and uses language to convey emotion rather than describe reality. Famous poets include William Wordsworth and Langston Hughes.

NONFICTION: Nonfiction books are written about actual life events or topics. They can be about any topic imaginable, from science to history to parenting tips. Nonfiction books can be either informational or instructional, with the latter being more prevalent among young adults.

Academic literature

Academic literature, also known as scholarly research, is the body of written work produced by academics or researchers. Generally, this literature is divided into five categories: journal articles, books, book chapters, encyclopedia articles, and patents.

Journal articles are the most common type of academic literature. They are typically short pieces that present new findings or review previous research. Journal article authors usually publish one article per month.

Books are a more prestigious form of academic literature. They are typically longer pieces that contain original research and often explore complex issues. A book can take years to complete and may be published in multiple editions.

Book chapters are a shorter form of academic literature typically published in anthologies or handbooks. They offer an overview of a more prominent topic and may include original research.

Encyclopedia articles are longer than journal articles but shorter than books. They present a comprehensive overview of a subject and often include original research. Encyclopedia articles can take many years to write, and editors may publish them in multiple editions over time.

Patents provide detailed information on new technologies or products and often feature original research by the author(s). Patent authors usually publish one patent per year.


There are many different types of literature, each with its unique style and subject matter. Some examples of literary genres include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and children’s literature. There are also subgenres within these genres, such as romance novels or crime thrillers.

Literature can be written in any language, covering many topics. Some popular genres that are written in English include historical fiction, mystery novels, and chick lit. Literature can also be written about a specific region or culture, such as African-American or Mexican-American literature.

The purpose of literature is often to explore human emotions and experiences creatively. It can give the reader insights into the world and help open their minds to new possibilities.


Poetry is literature that typically deals with profound or lofty subjects. It often employs strong language and often explores the relationship between humans and nature. Some of the most well-known poets include Maya Angelou, Edgar Allan Poe, and Robert Frost.

Children’s Literature

There are many types of children’s literature, and each can have its unique appeal. Some examples include picture books, young adult novels, and chapter books.

Picture books are often the quick reads of the genre, with short chapters that are easily consumed one after the other. They are perfect for sharing with toddlers or younger readers. Young adult novels may be longer but still easy to read. They can be enjoyed by older children who want something more challenging but also want to feel like they’ve accomplished something when they finish it. Chapter books can be daunting at first sight, but they can be an excellent option for readers who want a longer story with more involved characters.

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