About LinkChip

LinkChip is a blog where we focus on English Literature. We highlight the importance of reading. writing and speaking English. We post tips to help be better in grammar and punctuation. We explain the history of English literature English literature is very important in our lives. The way we read and write has changed greatly over the centuries. The way we communicate has changed too. Today, people are more connected than ever before. They can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world without any barriers or limitations.

Many live and grow unaware of the rules and regulations on all languages. This is especially the case with English. Which is seen by how badly spoken English has become the new norm. This changes when we are reading and writing. You cannot use today’s social media acronyms on essays and formal writing is one example. In formal situations it is important to abide by the rules and regulations and grow in the way one formats sentences both in speech and in writing. We’ve created this blog to help with that.

The History of English literature is underrated.